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Meeting e Congress

  • defining event and the preliminary budget
  • managing administration and account aspects, including a final budget report
  • defining the graphic line of the event
  • define location
  • management of registrations, reservations and on line payments
  • section of the website dedicated to the event
  • management and contact with the speakers, travel organization and assistance
  • management of the participants (registration, travel and hospitality)
  • management for the sponsorships
  • catering services
  • provision of specialist personnel (hostesses, interpreters, technicians , etc.)
  • management of the Continual Medical Education project (for the scientific events)

Educational grant

The new code of Ethical Business Practice apply to MedTech Europe Member companies in their interactions with Healthcare professionals and it introduces significant changes.
Member companies are not permitted to pay registration fees, travel or hospitality expenses directly to an individual HCP (Healthcare Professionals) for their participation in educational conferences organized by third-parties as of 1st january 2018.

Member companies can provide funds to a PCO who invites HCO to select the HCPs who will benefit from the Educational Grant.
As PCO , MED Congress has obtained the role of Medtech Europe Trusted partner accordin to MedTech Europe Ethical Charter.

MED Congress supports member companies in the management of Educational Grant for HCP participation at Third Party organized educational events.

In particular MED Congressi s in charge of:

  • Writing submission and management of the indirect sponsorship offer to the Heathcare organization;
  • Healthcare organization Authorization and contact with Healthcare professionals:
  • Event registration
  • Travel and transfer organization;
  • Accomodation
  • Assistance to delegate during the event;
  • Quotation and final statement

Delegate Logistic

MED congress supports its clients in the management of delegates at both MED’s and third party organized events and congresses.

MED congress takes care of all the aspects related to delegates travel, in particular:

  • contact with delegate;
  • event registration;
  • travel and transfer organization;
  • accomodation;
  • Assistance to delegate during the event;
  • Quotation and final statement
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